Ennis: Our host town

Welcome to Ennis, Co. Clare, where we will be hosting our conference from the 22nd to the 25th of August 2015.

Ennis OFM KS 2

A medieval market town, Ennis, from the Irish Inis, meaning “island” is located near the mouth of the River Fergus.  The town’s full name is  Inis Cluain Ramh Fhada, which means “long rowing meadow island”.


The O’Briens, kings of Thomond, played a large role in the history of Ennis. In the mid-thirteenth century, Donnchadh O’Brien, king of Thomond (d.1242) provided the Franciscan order with lands in Ennis at a crossing over the river into the settlement.  The friary appears to have been endowed and re-constructed in the late thirteenth century by a later king, Toirdhealbhach O’Brien (d. 1306) and it was used as the burial place of the O’Briens and the MacNamaras (Mac Conmara), the other powerful lords of the region.  Under O’Brien patronage the friary flourished as a school for novices (studium) and also as a foundation that attracted accomplished sculptors.  In the sixteenth-century, Clare became a county and Ennis its capital.  The town continued to flourish as a market town and later as a manufacturing and distribution centre.


The Monastic Europe conference will held in the Templegate Hotel just off Ennis town centre.

Templegate Hotel



Travel information, accommodation lists and other useful information that will help you with your visit to beautiful historic town will be included below.

Getting to Ennis


Staying in Ennis


For any other queries you might have about Ennis, please check out the wonderful Visit Ennis website



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