Monastic Europe: Conference Programme

Monastic Ireland Logo  Monastic Europe: Landscape & Settlement Conference

We are delighted to confirm our programme of speakers at our Monastic Europe: Landscape & Settlement conference in August this year. The range of speakers and variety of the topics will hopefully, in addition to our field trips, make for an entertaining and engaging  conference.

Monastic Europe Conference Programme

(Please click on the link to download the conference programme)


3 thoughts on “Monastic Europe: Conference Programme

  1. I’m very interested to attend this conference as I work in a 12th century Cistercian Abbey and hold an MA in Medieval History. Is it possible to attend as an interested bystander or is it restricted to those who are presenting papers? And if it is possible who do I get in contact with?


  2. Hi Katriona,
    The conference is open to the public so please feel free to attend and spread the word among your colleagues! We will be posting registration details shortly on this website, in addition to methods of payment of registration fees.


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